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It’s also a good place for English-speaking IT professionals, engineers, researchers, university professors, and high-level executives. In many other positions, expats will need some knowledge of German to be able to work in Germany. Companies like L’Oreal, Henkel, BMW, and Samsung create a great international atmosphere, and it’s without mentioning Berlin, Munchen, and Hamburg. But don’t forget it’s a German-speaking country; so the amount of expats is significantly lower than in the US. There is probably no country that beats the US in the number of immigrants and international workers. However, more and more Americans become expats and leave the country, while immigrants continue to come.

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Germany and the US are two countries welcoming thousands of foreigners every year. The USA was always a place where people go to

Standard of living Both countries have a high standard of living. However, Germany has less poverty, social disbalance, tensions, or refugees than the US. Overall, Germany has a high living standard: a clean environment, very low crime rates, lots of leisure-time and cultural attractions, well-developed infrastructure, and excellent transportation. Most people are very satisfied with life in Germany, they have many rights, freedom, and their voices are taken seriously by the government. To be exact, 93% of the German population is satisfied with their current life, while this number is just around 80% in the US.

Wondering what the difference between salaries in the US and Germany? Read this article. We also reveal the highest paying jobs in both countries. All foreign nationals will need to get a work visa in the US. The hiring company usually sponsors it. Yet only 5% of American companies are willing to take this responsibility. They prefer to hire someone who is already in the US unless your field is in high demand and you have experience in the profession.

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The country has 47 million immigrants of 328, 2 million total population or 14%. The largest expat communities are in the US are in New York, Washington D. C., and San Francisco. The unfair advantage of moving as a foreigner to the US is you don’t need to learn another language as in the case of Germany! The US is a popular expat destination and one of the most multi-cultural countries globally, with large Mexican, Spanish, Italian, African American, Puerto Rican, Indian and Chinese communities. New York and Wall Street are the most famous financial districts in the world. Many expats working in the finance sector are based there.

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The only advantage for high earners is that income from $510, 301 or more is taxed only at 37%, whereas it would be 45% in Germany. Read the complete comparison between taxes in the US vs Germany. Work-life balance German companies often practice flexible working time in order to have a good work-life balance. Employees are only allowed to work 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Germans finish their working day punctually to spend the rest of the day with family, enjoying the outdoors, or just their free time. However, overtime is still happening but not often.

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292Purchasing, transport & logistics€47. 907Design €47. 058Administration€43. 919Skilled crafts & Trade€43. 919 To check current salaries in Germany, you can use this free tool. Add filters like location, experience, skills, size of the company, and others to see the most accurate numbers! New York is one of the high-paying places in the world. Here, you’ll find some of the best-paid data scientists and web developers in the world.

The biggest prospects for foreign workers in the US exist in technology or niche markets. The US Department of Labor has forecast a lack of 900, 000 engineers in biomedical, software, and life sciences. Despite the great opportunities, American immigration law makes it difficult for foreigners to come for work. Receiving a Green card has become more complicated over the years. Germany is more open and easier for immigrants and expats.

The ratio of prices and earnings is well matched; you can find ways to save but also to spend a lot. Frankfurt has the 9th highest wages globally and a relatively low cost of living; thus, people there can afford more. The crime rates are extremely low; therefore, Germany is a safer place than the US. The standard of living is also high in the USA but it also depends on which aspects are we talking about. Healthcare is expensive and not at the same level as in Germany. The US also has a more significant gap between poor and rich, than Germany. However, the United States ranks at the top in housing.

Therefore purchasing power is higher. Although, living in the USA is pretty pricey. And costs strongly depend on which city and region you are living in. The most expensive cities include San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. However, there are still some well-known places where life comes with a reasonable price tag – Oklahoma City or Cincinnati, for example, have much lower average costs than other large cities.

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[watch tv] Germany vs USA live 30 September 2022

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