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FK Tuzla City - FK Sarajevo » Live Score & Stream + Odds and StatsFK Tuzla City host FK Sarajevo in a Premier League game, which is certain to entertain all Football fans. This match will take place on 30/09/2022 at 13:00 UTC. Currently, bookmakers have FK Tuzla City as favourites to win the game at @ 2. 25. Also, check out the recent form of FK Tuzla City and FK Sarajevo along with standings and head-to-head statistics here on this page.

It remained under Ottoman rule for nearly 400 years, where it was administered as part of the Sanjak of Zvornik. In 1878 it was occupied by Austria-Hungary. After the dissolution of the monarchy it became the part of the newly formed Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The Husino uprising took place in 1920. During the Second World War, Tuzla was included in the puppet Independent State of Croatia and controlled by the mainly Muslim Hadžiefendić Legion of the Croatian Home Guard. [9] Tuzla was among the first areas in Europe to be liberated, when Tito's Yugoslav Partisans freed it from the German occupiers on 2 October 1943.

Religion[edit] Apart from Tuzla's many mosques, there is also an Orthodox church that went untouched throughout the war. [19] The Franciscan monastery of “St. Peter and Paul” in town is still very active as there is a sizable Catholic community in Tuzla. The church of St. Francis (sv. Franjo) which had been demolished after being hit by a landslide in 1987 is being rebuilt since 2011 and should open by 2019. [20] Just outside the town, in the nearby village of Breska, is a 200-year-old Catholic church.

The site has become an international tourist destination. [14] A third lake was completed in August 2012. Construction expenses for this were nearly 2 million Bosnian marks (ca. 1 million euros). This third lake also contains 2 water slides which are an attraction for the younger population. The summer season of 2013 recorded approximately 5, 000 visitors per day (c. 450, 000 for 3 months). [citation needed] Climate[edit] Tuzla has a temperate oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification Cfb) with hot summers with cool nights and cool winters with chilly nights. Climate data for Tuzla Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record high °C (°F) 20.

9 111. 9 Average relative humidity (%) (at 14:00) 73 65 54 56 57 55 58 63 68 76 61 Mean monthly sunshine hours 60 80 130 153 192 197 238 232 170 124 1, 705 Source: Deutscher Wetterdienst (temperatures, 1991–2016, extremes 1961–2015, precipitation, 1991–2015, precipitation days, 2005–2016, humidity, 1973–1993 and sun, 1961–1990)[15][16][a] Administration[edit] Tuzla is the seat of the Tuzla Canton, which is a canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as of Tuzla Municipality, which is one of the 13 municipalities that together constitute the Tuzla Canton.

The first professional theatre in Tuzla, the Tuzla National Theatre, was founded by the brothers Mihajlo and Živko Crnogorčević in 1898 during Austro-Hungarian rule, and is the oldest theatre in the country. The theatre is working continuously since 1944. The Portrait Gallery has continuous exhibitions of work by local and international artists. The Ismet Mujezinović Gallery is mainly dedicated to Ismet Mujezinović, a painter from Tuzla. The Eastern Bosnia Museum exhibits archaeological, ethnological, historical and artistic pieces and artifacts from the whole region. An open-air museum at Solni Trg, opened in 2004, tells the story of salt production in Tuzla.

Tuzla - WikipediaTuzla TyзлаCityGrad TuzlaГрад ТузлаCity of TuzlaFrom top, left to right: Panorama of Tuzla, from the Pannonian Lakes towards the Mellain building, Pannonian Lakes in winter time, Salines Soli Building, Trg Slobode, Residential Zone Stupine and Tuzla nightlife. FlagCoat of armsLocation of Tuzla within Bosnia and Herzegovina (dark blue)Coordinates: 44°32′17″N 18°40′34″E / 44. 53806°N 18. 67611°ECoordinates: 44°32′17″N 18°40′34″E / 44. 67611°ECountry Bosnia and HerzegovinaEntityFederation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaCanton Tuzla CantonGovernment • MayorJasmin Imamović (SDP BiH)Area • City294 km2 (114 sq mi)Elevation245 m (804 ft)Population (2018) • City110, 979 • Density377. 5/km2 (978/sq mi) • Urban80, 570Time zoneUTC+1 (CET) • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)Postal code75000Area code+387 35Websitewww. tuzla.

[10] Many members of the Legion deserted to the Partisans at this time. [9] In December 1944, the city was unsuccessfully attacked by Chetnik forces of Draža Mihailović along with the Serbian State Guard. [11][12] After the war it developed into a major industrial and cultural centre during the Communist period in the former Yugoslavia. Seal of Tuzla county, 1850–1923 Seal of Tuzla town, 1850–1923 Tuzla salt mine, 1897 Yugoslav-era industrial plants in Tuzla Bosnian War[edit] In the 1990 elections the Reformists won control of the municipality being the only municipality in Bosnia where non-nationalists won.

With its entirely new form of modernity, it is most common in the Tuzla Canton and the cradle of this music city Živinice was named Bosnian town of original music. Songs are performed preferably in a diphthong, the first and second voice which is a special secret performance of this music and some performers sing in troglasju as they do Kalesijski triple that was recorded in 1968, as the first written record of the tone on the album, along with Higurashi no naku. Sports[edit] Founded in 1927, the Workers Sports Society Sloboda[22] became the first sporting organization in Tuzla. It has 14 member clubs. The city is home to two football clubs. FK Sloboda and FK Tuzla City. Both teams play in the top tier Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina with home games played at the Tušanj City Stadium.

Being inhabited continuously for more than 6, 000 years, Tuzla is one of the oldest European sustained settlements. During the period of the Roman Republic (before the area was conquered by Rome), Tuzla (or Salines as it was called at the time) was ruled by the Illyrian tribe Breuci. [7] Middle Ages to 20th century[edit] The city was first mentioned in 950 by Constantine Porphyrogenitus in his De Administrando Imperio as a fort named Salines (Greek: Σαλήνες). The name Soli was used in the Middle Ages.

Pannonian Lakes[edit] Tuzla is the only city in Europe that has a salt lake at its centre. The ancient Pannonian Sea dried up around 10 million years ago, but work by researchers and scientists has now enabled a level of saline water to be kept stable at the surface, and in 2003 the Pannonian Lake was opened. A second lake that includes artificial waterfalls was inaugurated in 2008. An archaeological park and replica Neolithic lake dwellings were also incorporated into the scheme, providing information about the different cultures which left their material and spiritual mark here.

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6% of people belong to other religions, and 3. 9% of people are not religious. Music[edit] Bosnian roots music came from Middle Bosnia, Posavina, the Drina valley and Kalesija. It is usually performed by singers with two violinists and a šargija player. These bands first appeared around World War I and became popular in the 1960s. This is the third oldest music following after the sevdalinka and ilahija. Self-taught people, mostly in two or three members of the different choices of old instruments, mostly in the violin, sacking, saz, drums, flutes (zurle) or wooden flute, as others have already called, the original performers of Bosnian music that can not be written notes, transmitted by ear from generation to generation, family is usually hereditary.

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After couple of days of calm protests, people lost patience and started burning cars in front of the canton government building, and later building itself. The building has yet to be repaired. Geography[edit] Tuzla valley (coal mines, lakes, airport) Tuzla is located in the northeastern part of Bosnia, settled just underneath the Majevica mountain range, on the Jala River. The central zone lies in an east–west oriented plain, with residential areas in the north and south of the city located on the Ilinčica, Kicelj and Gradina Hills.

It is thought to be brought from Persia-Kalesi tribe that settled in the area of present Sprecanski valleys and hence probably the name Kalesija. In this part of Bosnia it is the most common. Again, it became the leader of First World War onwards, as well as 60 years in the field Sprecanski doline. This kind of music was enjoyed by all three peoples in Bosnia, Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs, and it contributed a lot to reconcile people socializing, entertainment and other organizations through festivala. In Kalesija it's maintained each year with the Bosnian Festival Original music. Studio Kemix firm Dzemal Dzihanovic from Živinice together with his artists brought this kind of music to perfection at the end 20th century.

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(WATCH<) Tuzla City vs Sarajevo live free 30 September 2022

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